Graph Algorithms

Nodes or vertices connected to each other through edges.

A graph G is an ordered pair of a set of vertices V and a set of edges E.

  • Ordered pair vs Unordered pair { Set}
  • Directed edges(Digraph) vs Undirected Edges
  • Weighted vs Unweighted edges
  • Unweighted graph = Weighted graph with all weights equal
  • Self-looping edges on a single vertex
  • Multi-edge graphs
  • Maximum number of edges in a directed graph= (n)*(n-1)
  • Maximum number of edges in an undirected graph= (n)*(n-1) / 2
  • Dense graph( Edges  ~ (Vertices) squared) vs Sparse graph( Edges  ~ (Vertices))

Path= Sequence of vertices where each adjacent vertex is connected by an edge.
A path in a graph G is a sequence of vertices v0, v1, …, vn so that for all i, (vi -> v(i+1)) is an edge of G.
Walk= A path in which vertices and edged may be repeated.
Trail= A walk in which no edges are repeated.
Simple Path= A walk in which no vertices and no edges are repeated.
Connected Graph= Path exists from any vertex to any other vertex.
Undirected graph is Connected.
Directed graph is Strongly Connected.
If directed graph is not strongly connected but can be converted to a connected(undirected) graph, it is called Weakly Connected.
Closed Walk= A walk which starts and ends at the same vertex. Length must be > 0.
Simple Cycle= No repetition of vertices other than start and end.
Acyclic Graph= Undirected Acyclic Graph = Tree,  Directed Acyclic Graph= DAG

Connected Components= The vertices of a graph G can be partitioned into connected components so that v is reachable from w if and only if they are in the same connected component.

Storage of Graph

  • List of all edges
  • As an ordered pair of {vertex list, edge list} = O(Edges) cost
  • Adjacency Matrix = O(Vertices) cost
    • Useful for dense graphs
  • Adjacency List= Store only those vertices which are connected
    • Array / Linked List / BST

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Exploring Graph

  • Depth First Traversal (Stack)

    • Needs adjacency list for efficient execution
    • O(|E|) execution time
    • Screenshot from 2017-11-04 12-37-25.png
  • Determine Connected Components
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    • Runtime = O(|V| + |E|)
  • Determine Previsit and Postvisit numbers
  • Breadth First Traversal (Queue)