GNOME.Asia 2019 Summit

I attended GNOME.Asia 2019 summit in Gresik, Indonesia. It was a fantastic experience and I learned a lot about latest efforts in GNOME’s developement.

The conference was extremely well-planned and organized by the GNOME Indonesia team, especially Andik Nur Achmad, Ahmad Haris and Jordan Maulana. All of them were very helpful and ensured the speakers had no problems in delivering the talks to a super-excited audience.

I delivered a talk on “Power Management and Measurement in GNOME”, which discussed case studies of Power Management sub-systems in major operating systems including MAC OS X, Windows 10 and Android. Post the case studies, I discussed future plans for development in energy and battery management and improving the experience for GNOME users. We also had very nice discussions about the ecological impact of power management, and how developing nations can utilize improvements in free software to their advantage. It was a beautiful learning experience and I hope the audience also shared this view.

Thank you for the amazing experience, beautiful memories and new friendships, which I hope last more than a lifetime. Once again, kudos to the GNOME Foundation and Travel Committee for making this event happen, and for sponsoring my travel.