Google Summer of Code 2018 at GNOME

Brief Introduction

Hi! I am Aditya from Vienna [carpediem on gimp IRC]. Currently I am pursuing my bachelor’s thesis in Deep Learning at TU Wien. I am interested in software, operating systems and AI. Travel, hiking and swimming occupy rest of the time.

I started with Linux ~7 years ago when my Windows desktop failed to boot because of a curious experiment accident with system32 files. Looking back at that moment, I am glad for the few hours of initial pain which was worth several years of sanity. Since then I have been working with Linux as the primary platform. I like Open Source Software because it’s much more fun to break and fix something, which really helps understand what’s happening in the machine. I used to like C/ C++ quite a bit, but you can probably throw any language and I am happy to learn it.

Google Summer Of Code

I got selected for Google Summer of Code 2018 program as part of GNOME. A big thanks to my mentors, Felipe Borges and Christian Kellner for giving me this chance.


My project aims to implement the power panel in gnome-usage, which would inform users about how various hardware components and software applications are consuming power over different time periods. The major objectives include:

  1. Develop the infrastructure to determine and evaluate power consumption
  2. Develop D-Bus API for accessing the data from shared library
  3. Implement front-end panel for displaying data in Usage

I hope this project represents a solid contribution to the community. Looking forward to a great summer with GNOME!



Today, my first GUADEC experience has come to an end, and it was great! Kudos to the organizers for a very well-planned and executed event. Being a part of the volunteer team was a fantastic experience and thanks for the nice t-shirt!

It was wonderful to meet the GNOME community in person, quite a surreal experience to say the least. The talks were a great opportunity to learn about everything going on at GNOME. I had amazing discussions with my mentors on various topics ranging from “Integrating AI in gnome applications” to “The big dilemma: Is a PhD really worth it?” and finally, some stuff about the GSoC project too.

Thank you for the beautiful memories. I look forward to meeting everyone once again, next year.
2018-GUADEC badge (1).png

P.S.- Please prepare for the next ice cream deathmatch. I won’t be eating any more ice cream until the next GUADEC.