1. Linux Desktop power measurement infrastructure in GNOME@GSoC’18

  2. STM32F7 Discovery MCU Explorations

  3. Heuristic solutions to the Traveling Salesman Problem

  4. Adaptive Gait Generation for Hexapod using Genetic Algorithm

  5. Project on HEVC (x265)

  6. Constant Health Tracker- ConTRACK

  7. NDVI based hand held crop health sensor

  8. Intelligent Industrial Disaster Management Robot

  9. Building a modern computer from first principles

  10. Design of Schmitt Trigger

  11. Design of OTA using folded cascode based design

  12. Design and simulation of Automatic Washing Machine

  13. Adaptive Digital Signal Processing Project

  14. MEMS Project- Microthrusters

  15. The BITS Wiki Project