Day 1- STL


  1. Vectors
  2. strings
  3. STL algorithms : sort(a,a+5,FUNCTION POINTER);
  4. Quicksort implementation
  5. Operator Overloading
  6. Making parameters const and pointer when passing to function
  7. Reference Variable concept
  8. Iterators in C++
  9. Cascading of operators and reference variables
  10. Binary Search STL usage
  11. auto keyword
  12. First bool binary_search, then find element
  13. Pair usage in STL C++
    1. Vector of vectors:  vector< vector >matrix(r);
  14. Set, MultiSet, Map(Ordered and Unordered)
  15. HashSet, HashMap, HashTable, Priority Queue
  16. Heap sorting, Max Heap, Min Heap
  17. Using class Object as Function= FUNCTOR
  18. Constructing Graphs and adjacency list
  19. Depth First Search on Graph

STL Resource: