Teachers who have taught me

Today while thinking about who I would like to nominate for the Best Faculty Award, I came to striking realization that in these past 3 years, every semester there has been 1 teacher who has deeply influenced me and reached out to me as a human being. I thank all of these people for their contribution in shaping me as a BITSian. Before I leave this campus forever, I will try and express my gratitude to these the best possible way I can.

  • Manoj Kannan- Biology
  • JP Misra- Operating Systems
  • Rishikesh Vaidya- MeOW
  • Sachin Ulhasrao Belgamwar- MEMS
  • Sudeept Mohan- DD
  • Surekha Bhanot- NNFL
  • Shan Balasubramaniam- Parallel Computing
  • Sainath Bitraguntha- Communication Systems